This Is Sinh Từ Street, a series of films by Đỗ Văn Hoàng, 2022

“This is Sinh Từ Street, sounding almost like Sinh Tử (Birth and Death) Street…” Over the year in which the city was faced with a pandemic, the filmmaker set out to record, edit, and refine his works all by himself, within the confines of a rented apartment. To film is to carry on.

(The works’ online screening has finished)

Notes from Like the Moon in a Night Sky: The space in Beat 4 and Beat 5 is a house on Nguyễn Khuyến Street (formerly known as Sinh Từ Street), Hanoi. This house used to be Síu Phạm’s lodging and occasional film set while she was working on her film We Come into Life.

The Room

In Front Of Main Entrance

First & Second Floors

Second & Third Floors

Fourth Floor

Đỗ Văn Hoàng was born in Hai Phong. He graduated from the University of Theatre and Cinema at Hanoi. His short documentaries and short films include: Underneath it All (2010), At Water’s Edge (2010), A Film on Sofa (2012), A Silent Shout (2015), False Brillante 2015), and Drowning Dew (a collaboration with Art Labor Collective, 2017), Sleep And Behold (20018), Man’s Uniform (2020) and they have been shown at Hanoi Docfest, Yamagata Film Festival, Centre Pompidou, Times Museum Guangzhou.