A Film by Jamie Maxtone-Graham


2012, 29′


Screening online from 13.03

The title of the film is a nod to what seems to be the condition of our time: never having enough time, neither in the real world nor in the virtual world. The film takes shape when a portrait photographer leaves his subjects by themselves in the studio with the camera for a few minutes. A simple situation yet significant in what it has to say about the act of looking and image making. A city is its people.

* The film was made during an open studio project on the Hanoi premises of the Japan Foundation Center, as part of Edition 2 of Skylines With Flying People (December 2012, curated by artist Nguyễn Phương Linh & architect Tsuneo Noda).

(The film’s online screening has finished)


Jamie Maxtone-Graham is a photographer and cinematographer with over 30 years of professional experience in New York, Los Angeles and in Vietnam. He first came to Vietnam in 1990 for the feature documentary From Hollywood To Hanoi. He has produced numerous personal projects since moving to Hanoi in 2007 as Across Long Biên (2008), The Long Biên Picture Show (2010), Hard Rails Across A Gentle River (2010), The Desiring Garden (2012), Lying Down (20120, Sorry, Can You Wait One Minute (2012-2013), In A Green Island (2017). Jamie has conducted workshops in photography and film at Hanoi DocLab (a center/lab for documentary filmmaking and video art) and the photography centre Matca.